Back in the Day…


This photo, I believe, was taken sometime in the very early 80’s in the women’s bathroom in a bar called The Jot ‘Em Down Store, which was right across the street from Greensboro College. This was an early iteration of the band, Tornado (from the left: Frank Worrell, Rebekah Raker, Bobby Kelly, Keith Roscoe, Sam Frazier, Dennis Worley & Cliff Greeson). We’re talking two (or three, depending on the song) guitar players, two drummers, three lead singers and Bobby all crammed into a corner of The Jot ‘Em Down and raising a ruckus. A little later we were joined by Jack Wilkins…




…and the ruckus rose to another level entirely.


In 1983, Tornado recorded an LP with all of these folks called First Alert. And now, thanks to Bandcamp, First Alert (and 1996’s CD, When a Breeze Breaks Your Bones) are available digitally for your consumption.


Check out the version of Bye and Bye on First Alert. In particular Dennis Worley’s amazing voice,  Cliff Greeson & Frank Worrell on the tandem drums, and Keith Roscoe on EBow guitar. Man, oh man.




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