Back in the Day…

This photo, I believe, was taken sometime in the very early 80’s in the women’s bathroom in a bar called The Jot ‘Em Down Store, which was right across the street from Greensboro College. This was an early iteration of the band, Tornado (from the left: Frank Worrell, Rebekah Raker, Bobby Kelly, Keith Roscoe, Sam Frazier, Dennis Worley & Cliff Greeson).… Read more →

The Sam Frazier Band

What do you do when you have a bunch of tunes and you want to perform them with a band? But, the folks you like to play with are very good. So they’re very busy and they can’t always do it when you want ’em to do it. You like to perform solo and will do so whenever the opportunity presents… Read more →


I’d like to thank Grant Britt (writer) and Sam Froelich (photographer) for this cool piece in the new issue of O.Henry magazine. I often forget I’m being interviewed in these situations and tend to ramble on and on. Grant was kind to me, though, and I appreciate it. Here’s a link: Also, I’d like to thank Tokyo Rosenthal for a… Read more →

Happy New Year!

Woooo!!! 2015 is the year I keep this sucker updated! Also, The email situation has been straightened out, so anyone who wants to communicate with me can do so successfully. That hasn’t always been the case and I apologize to anyone who’s reached out and hasn’t heard back from me. Reach out at! I promise to respond in a… Read more →

Doodad Farm!

I have a show coming up at a new (for me) venue called the Doodad Farm (4701 Land Road, Greensboro, NC 27406) on Friday, May 30 8:00pm. Tommy Scifres will kick it off (I’ll join him for a few tunes) and then It’ll be my turn (Tommy will join me for a few tunes). We’ll both be accompanied by Andy… Read more →

The calendar now has stuff on it!

I’ve been very…lax…in my site duties. The calendar is now updated! I’m playing all over the area with Martha and Pat, so come check us out. There are a couple of shows coming up with Dave Fox (Sam & Drave) that I’m looking forward to big-time! Thursday, October 3rd at Odell Auditorium in Greensboro College and Friday, October 4th at… Read more →

No Depression June 2012

Sam Frazier Self Release June  2012 By Grant Britt Imagine a mellow Joe Walsh, soulful and funky. Sam Frazier was the main progenitor of a sound called soulbop, syncopated Caribbean riddums with ah soul overlay overseen spiritually by Van Morrison and Little Feat,  created and nurtured in local Greensboro, N.C. group Tornado twenty plus years ago. On his own, Frazier… Read more →

CD Release Party!

  The CD Release Party was outstanding (if I do say so myself)! HUGE THANKS to Martha Bassett, Pat Lawrence, Snüzz, Eddie Walker, Andy Ware, John Davis, Robin Davis, Bill Payne, Jim Ritchey, Peg Parham & everyone who came to the show!!!   Here are…The Numbers (Snüzz, Andy Ware, Eddie Walker & myself).   Heeeere’s…Martha (and me)!     I… Read more →