Happy New Year!

Frazier em _7038Woooo!!! 2015 is the year I keep this sucker updated! Also, The email situation has been straightened out, so anyone who wants to communicate with me can do so successfully. That hasn’t always been the case and I apologize to anyone who’s reached out and hasn’t heard back from me. Reach out at samfrazier@samfrazier.com! I promise to respond in a timely fashion!

I have a cool gig coming up on 8:00pm Thursday, January 29. I’ll be the guest on the Tokyo Rosenthal Program, which is a radio show that’s recorded live and broadcast from the Pittsboro Roadhouse General Store. I’ll do some of my tunes and Tokyo and I will play some music together. Thanks to Bruce Piephoff for helping to set this up. I’m really looking forward to it!

As always, I’ll be playing hither and yon w/Martha Bassett. Check out her site, http://www.marthabassett.com/category/posts/. Along with playing and singing, she’s finding snakes, bonding with foxes, curating bees…you name it!

Thanks to Kimberly T. Hawks for the above photo!

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